The realignment of Woodlawn Drive was included in the Airport Authority’s Master Plan that was in development for several years before it was approved in 2018. As Runway 15-33 was extended, it required the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) to also extend further south on airport property. Thus the road (Woodlawn Drive) had to be realigned to be outside the limits of the new Runway Protection Zone.The Airport Authority hosted public workshops and opportunities for engagement per FAA requirements. Following approval of the Master Plan, monthly project updates, including plans for Woodlawn Drive, were provided in Agenda packets for Charlotte County Airport Authority Board Meetings. Public notices for these public meetings were published on our website and in the Charlotte Sun.

In September 2020 Airport Authority staff received several calls from neighbors curious if the project would include construction of a visual berm. The berm located further east on private property was built as a separator between residential land use and private industrial land use. The Airport Authority is not required to construct a berm, buffer wall or do landscaping for a road realignment like this since it is not directly abutting industrial land. As the road work is completed, the surrounding area will be graded to ground level and grassed.

Ventura Lakes’ Community Manager communicated with Airport Authority Staff in late September that he planned to implement landscaping on their property consistent with their entrance road, a viburnum hedge and black olive tree groupings on their side of the road. While he offered to accept resources from the Airport Authority, staff had to politely decline this request via email.

Unfortunately, because of the FAA’s federal funding structure, the Airport Authority is unable to supply funds or resources (aka trees/bushes) for projects off of airport property. The FAA has stringent rules on revenue diversion.

The Airport Authority is not planning to install roadside landscaping, nor a buffer wall, nor a visual berm on airport property adjacent to Woodlawn Drive.  Please reference this letter to the Ventura Lakes HOA president. 

Ventura Lakes’ Community Manager has stated their intention to install their own landscaping consistent with the neighborhood aesthetic. Ventura Lakes should move forward with privacy enhancements on their private property as they see fit. 

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Post Updated November 2020

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