Help Us Choose a Mascot Concept!

Punta Gorda Airport may create a mascot for special appearances at airport events, inaugural flights, holidays and community festivities.  We need YOUR HELP deciding which direction to go. Please vote on your top two favorite mascot concepts, and help us fine tune each with specific features and accessories!

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Curtiss the Hawk

    • Curtiss is a spirited hawk that pays homage to Veterans stationed at the Punta Gorda Army Air Field during WWII. He is named after the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, the famed aircraft that American pilots trained on before they were sent overseas to fight the war.
    • Attire may include a “Curtiss #40” jersey with the PGD logo and American flag logo incorporated as patches.

Joy the Jet

    • Joy is a friendly aircraft that loves connecting families, friends and associates from across the country to their destinations in southwest Florida. Joy is an aviation buff who represents commercial airliners as well as jet-setting private charters and corporate jets.
    • Joy should have a big smile under her “nose!”

Sunny the Snowbird

  • Sunny is a migratory bird that flees the cold in search of warm weather each winter season. She/He (to be determined) loves the Florida lifestyle, including gorgeous sunsets, outdoor activities, music and boating.
  • Sunny’s accessories may include sun glasses, a Hawaiian shirt and/or a fun hat, and should be able to grip a pickleball paddle, float, etc.

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