Mask Requirement

Federal law requires wearing a mask at all times in and on the airport and failure to comply may result in removal and denial of re-entry. Refusing to wear a mask in or on the airport is a violation of federal law; individuals may be subject to penalties under federal law.

Questions regarding the Security Directive should be directed to TSA at (866) 289-9673.

Federal Law requires a mask

TSA Security Directive 1542-21-01 exempts the following categories of persons from wearing masks:

  1. Children under the age of 2.
  2. People with disabilities who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, because of the disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.).
  3. People for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty as determined by the relevant workplace safety guidelines or federal regulations.

The requirement to wear a mask does not apply under the following circumstances:

  1. When necessary to temporarily remove the mask for identity verification purposes.
  2. While eating, drinking or taking oral medication for brief periods. Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking; the mask be worn between bites and sips.
  3. While communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, when the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.


PGD’s Commitment to Your Safety is

NONSTOP… Just Like the Flights.

Why Fly PGD?

Nonstop Flights

Flights offered at PGD are direct, so no stopping at another airport for a connection.


Reduce your stress by using a small airport that’s easy and quick to get in and out of.

Low Cost

Take advantage of Allegiant’s low air fares to connect with family and friends.

Open-Air Boarding

Reduce your exposure during the boarding process with a low-risk, open-air environment where it’s easier to social distance.

Increased Safety

Rest assured, PGD has implemented CDC guidelines to help keep you safe.

Clean Commitment

PGD and its partners, like Allegiant, have increased sanitation and cleaning protocols at the terminal and on aircraft.

Arrive & Drive

Benefit from easy access to parking lots, rental cars and two I-75 entrances once you land at PGD.

Adventure Awaits

Stay in Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach and enjoy nature, outdoor restaurants, excursions and beaches.

Charlotte County Airport Authority and PGD staff are continually monitoring COVID-19 (coronavirus) and are taking the appropriate actions to ensure the safety of the passengers, employees, tenants and visitors who utilize PGD. While we are taking reasonable precautions and encouraging all to follow CDC guidelines, anyone voluntarily entering a public space assumes the inherent risk of possible transmission.

  • All customers are required to wear face masks during all phases of travel, including at the ticket counter, in the gate area, during boarding, on the aircraft and during the flight. Customers may bring their own mask or use a complimentary one.
  • TSA is allowing one liquid hand sanitizer container up to 12 ounces per passenger in carry-on bags until further notice.
  • Family and friends are asked to stay outside the Bailey Terminal when dropping off or picking up passengers.
  • All employees are required to wear a face mask or covering for their nose and mouth while in the terminal.
  • Onsite signage and floor adhesives recommend maintaining a six-foot distance between individuals.
  • Several dispensers with foaming hand sanitizer are located throughout the terminal.
  • Not only do we have well-established cleaning protocols already in place, but we have stepped up our disinfectant and sanitization protocols with products deemed by the CDC to be effective against coronavirus.
  • PGD is not responsible for notifying passengers of Allegiant’s flight changes.
  • Please do NOT call the airport to make flight changes.
  • Airport ticket counter staff will NOT be able to make itinerary changes or cancellations.
  • Visit Allegiant’s Travel Advisory Page for further directions.
  • Learn more about Allegiant’s commitment to health and safety.
  • Customers are still obligated to pay their parking fees.
  • FBO fueling and services are continuing as normal.
  • The Self-Service Fuel Station remains operational.
  • Certified as “Safety 1st Clean” by NATA for reducing the spread of infectious diseases.
  • The airport remains open for tenants to access leased hangars and facilities. Unless notified otherwise, tenant badges are active and should be operating normally.
  • We have provided the Sheriff’s Office with direction on how to identify essential employees by their badge, so they will be able to differentiate tenants from essential employees when patrolling onsite.
  • The tower is operating normally, but is closed for tours and to all outside visitors.
  • Only staff and essential personnel will be granted access to the tower.
non-passengers stay outside terminal
Allegiant going the distance

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