The Sky’s the Limit with Air Trek

Congratulations to Air Trek on 45 years of excellence! Did you know that Air Trek was the first air ambulance ever licensed by the State of Florida? Whether you are planning your next vacation or needing medical transport, Air Trek has you covered with private jet charter and air ambulance services.  

Private Jet Charters

Discover a world where your flight journey becomes a personalized adventure. Whether you’re taking off on a business trip or leisurely getaway, Air Trek’s customizable services and luxurious aircraft provide an exceptional travel experience for all. And, with pet friendly charters, the entire family including your beloved pooch can embark on the vacation of a lifetime.

Dreaming of sunbathing and snorkeling on an exclusive Caribbean island? Or perhaps climbing historical Machu Picchu in Peru or skiing the snowy slopes in Colorado? Air Trek can turn your dreams into reality by servicing private charters throughout the United States; Canada; Caribbean and North, Central and South America. Air Trek offers an Elite Snowbird Package for those looking to ease the hassles of traveling back and forth to your seasonal homes.

The Jet Charter Fleet offers diverse options to accommodate any trip. Travel in style with the Cessna Citation 650 which includes luxury leather seats and a bar. Moreover, Air Trek’s concierge will schedule any desirable arrangements including:

  • Resorts
  • Limos
  • Wine and chocolate
  • Excursions

Enjoy the freedom to create your own schedule, travel with those you choose, and elevate your travel experience with Air Trek Private Jet Charters.

Air Ambulance

Looking for a specialized service to medically transport your friends or family? Look no further than Air Trek. Air Trek’s air ambulance offers medical flights, including:

One of Air Trek’s aircraft has dual stretcher capabilities, allowing two patients to fly at the same time. Whether evacuating injured survivors from a disaster torn region or relocating snowbird patients home to Canada, this two-patient flight service can accommodate a variety of situations. Air Trek is here to help ease stress when an unexpected, devastating event occurs.

Air Trek understands the challenges of safely transporting Bariatric patients. Air Trek has significant experience in transporting patients weighing up to 800 pounds that are stable, critical or ventilator dependent. Air Trek has become pioneers in bariatric air ambulance transportation. To make this type of transport more comfortable, the Cessna Citation II jet has the following features:

  • Wide cargo door
  • Center mount stretch
  • Space for one family member to travel along

Finally, Air Trek offers medical escorts through the MEDASSIST program. Do you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, a spinal cord injury or is wheelchair bound? If so, MEDASSIST could be an ideal travel option to guarantee support and care for the duration of their journey. This service offers aeromedical trained personnel to accompany and care for patients aboard commercial airlines.

Air Trek staff includes flight registered nurses and flight paramedics. These personnel are trained in all aspects of patient care, aviation physiology and airline procedures. Their specialized training ensures the patient has smooth and safe transport.

Whether you’re looking to travel in style, take your family on that luxurious dream vacation, go on a business trip or transport your sick or injured loved ones, Air Trek is your go-to for all private flight needs.

Air Trek is one of Punta Gorda Airport’s tenants. For more information on how to contact Air Trek, visit our Tenant Directory.