Punta Gorda Airport remains OPEN for tenants to access to their leased hangars and facilities. Unless notified otherwise, tenant badges are active and should be operating normally.

We have provided the Sheriff’s Office with direction on how to identify essential employees by their badge, so they will be able to differentiate tenants from essential employees if patrolling onsite.

While T-Hangar tenants are not essential employees, the airport itself is still considered essential infrastructure AND tenants are not restricted from flying their private aircraft.

We recommend tenants have a reason for going to their hanger (i.e. flying, retrieving something) and use their best judgement:
– do not congregate with others
– maintain 6-foot distance from others

We encourage tenants to adhere to the Florida Governor’s  Executive Order Number 20-91  which outlines Safer At Home practices, essential services and activities.

Please share our COVID-19 Updates page with friends and family. Aviation activities at PGD remain essential to the Transportation Systems Sector of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

We have no plans to close the airport.  If you hear rumors that we should address, please email Kaley at KMiller@FlyPGD.com .

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