Letter to the Editor by Punta Gorda Airport CEO James W. Parish, P.E.

CHARLOTTE SUN (March 21, 2018) –  As the CEO of the Punta Gorda Airport, I’m proud of our partnership with Allegiant and the positive impacts it has spurred.  Allegiant has consistently grown its commercial flight offerings, invested in a fleet of quieter, more efficient planes based here, and improved the airport’s infrastructure for commercial jet fueling.  Not only do their flights bring in new visitors that spend millions of tourism dollars in the region, Allegiant offers our local residents more than 40 destinations to visit via low-cost, nonstop air service.

Charlotte County leadership and staff worked together to evaluate the Sunseeker Resort proposal before proceeding with initial approvals, and they will continue to engage the public throughout the development process.  The new Sunseeker Resort will be a major asset to the community, to the sustainable growth of the airport, and will provide public benefits like improved roads, infrastructure and public spaces. 

The Sunseeker Resort will also spur economic diversity for the region, and will actually help attract new businesses, higher-wage jobs and other air service providers to the area.  While there will be new opportunities for entrepreneurs to captivate emerging markets, I believe our elected officials and leaders will continue to protect the community’s environmental assets and charm.