State Legislative Request – 2024-25

Infrastructure/Access Road for Aviation Jobs

UPDATE MARCH 2024: CCAA has been appropriated $3.75 million in State Funding for this project, and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.


Requesting $7.5 million to develop essential roadway network, utilities, drainage and aircraft parking near PGD Air Center to encourage aviation businesses development and job growth. This project will encourage & diversify economic development opportunities in the PGD AviEx, & support a burgeoning aviation industry in Florida. Infrastructure will be phased so that tenants can fast-track construction of facilities & start employing aviation mechanics, flight instructors & other aviation-related professionals.


White Paper


Charlotte County Economic Development Partnership

Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce

Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce

Jack Cox – Halfacre Construction Company

James Sanders – SandStar Homes, LLC

Geri Waksler – McCrory Law Firm

Proposed Infrastructure Development

2022 Aerial of PGD AviEx