Spread your wings with Flight Fast Track

Embark on a thrilling journey of aviation excellence with Flight Fast Track, located near the Punta Gorda Airport Rental Car Center.

Are you aspiring to become a trained pilot at an accelerated rate? Whether you’re pursuing a career in aviation or fulfilling a lifelong dream, Flight Fast Track has a customized program just for you.

Flight Fast Track is unique:

  • They specialize in fast-track ratings.
  • Accelerated students only start training once they have a guaranteed check ride date, ensuring efficiency.
  • Fixed pricing for accelerated ratings ensures zero financial surprises.
  • All their airplanes are identical, meaning no regression when switching between airplanes.

Flight Fast Track has 10 instructors, six Cherokee 180 planes and two Geronimo Twin planes. All their planes are identical and are TAA aircraft.

They offer training for all ratings offered by the FAA including Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial Single, and Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII and MEI. Although they specialize in fast-track ratings, they also offer traditional training from one to several times a week or month. Flight Fast Track welcomes students from all walks of life.

They offer the Zero to Hero Program for career opportunities with regional airlines and Private to Instructor Program for teaching opportunities with Flight Fast Track.

Flight Fast Track also offers a full maintenance facility within their hangar for pilots to complete training with their own aircraft. From routine maintenance to tire repair to engine overhauls, Flight Fast Track has you covered. Before doing any maintenance work on aircraft, they offer transparent pricing.

Flight Fast Track agrees that pilot training can be costly, which is why they offer two different loan programs. The primary loan program is through Meritize. Meritize and Flight Fast Track have collaborated to create various packages that satisfy each student’s situation.

Flight Fast Track enjoys giving back to the community in various ways, including participating in the EAA Young Eagles and FAA Wings programs; working with EAA and Sun N Fun scholarships; and being members of the FAA safety team and AOPA.

Flight Fast Track feels the biggest perk of flying at PGD is undoubtedly the Air Traffic Control Tower. They express that members of the PGD Air Traffic Control Tower are by far the nicest and most forgiving humans in aviation, making PGD the place you want to learn.

If you want to fast track your dream of soaring through the endless sky with the world beneath your wings, Flight Fast Track at PGD is the perfect flight school for you!

Additional Flight Schools

There are additional flight training schools located at PGD. Don’t forget to check out Harborside Aviation, LPC Aviation and Paragon Flight Training to unlock your aviation dreams.