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Aron Gober, Maintenance Supervisor

Meet Aron Gober – Maintenance Supervisor

We are pleased to highlight Sarasota Avionics & Maintenance and welcome Aron Gober to their team at PGD! Aron moved with his wife and daughter to Port Charlotte just a few short months ago and is excited about supervising the maintenance operation here in Punta Gorda. 

Q&A With Aron

What don’t people know about Sarasota Avionics?

  • Honestly, a lot of people don’t realize we have full-service aircraft maintenance capabilities here.  They may forget the word “Maintenance” is in our company name.

What are your certifications and experience?

  •  I have an Airframe and Powerplant certificate and 20 years of experience.

Where are you from?

  • I’m originally from St. Louis, MO.

Where else have you lived?

  • I joined the navy at 18, and then moved all over country and settled in Arizona. We had been in Arizona for 17 years until moving to Port Charlotte a few months ago.

What’s do you most enjoy about your career?

  • I love that we can send these hunks of metal into the sky and they will stay there for a bit. It’s truly a wonder of engineering, and I like that I’m a part of that.

Where is Sarasota Avionics at PGD?

  • Sarasota Avionics is located just north of the Bailey Terminal and south of the Air Traffic Control Tower in hangar 211.

About Sarasota Avionics & Maintenance

Sarasota Avionics & Maintenance was founded on the principles of providing superior service and customer support at a competitive price. This is made possible by seeking out and retaining the best avionics technicians and maintenance professionals in the industry, and our staff of 70+ employees bring lifetimes of aviation knowledge and experience.

We know our customers have high standards about who upgrades and maintains their aircraft, and we work diligently to try and exceed those expectations. Our goal is to build lasting relationships, providing customers safe, well-maintained aircraft, with all of the latest and greatest avionics technology available.

Transformative photos from before, during and after one of Sarasota Avionics’ installations. 

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