Bailey Terminal Now Open; Allegiant Flight Operations Have Resumed

PGD property and the adjacent area are still being used for FPL staging, Air National Guard staging and other essential services. 


  • Allegiant returned to PGD with several flights inbound and outbound flights on Monday, 10/3/22.
  • PGD is not responsible for notifying passengers of Allegiant’s flight changes.
  • If you have an upcoming flight, check your email for updates from Allegiant.
  • Visit Allegiant Travel Alerts page or email


  • The gates are fully operational and collecting parking fees upon exit.  
  • While most of the vehicles are accessible to be moved, please DO NOT try to relocate your vehicle if there is a downed power line on it.
  • If your vehicle cannot be moved because of a tree, fence or other debris, please email the make, model, license plate number of your vehicle, and parking lot color (RED, ORANGE or BLUE), to or call (941) 815-1018.
  • The vast majority of the vehicles do not appear damaged.  However, with over 1,000 autos, we do not have the workforce available to inventory each vehicle.


  • The Rental Car Facility is open as of 10/6/22.


  • The PGD Air Center is open for aircraft fueling and general aviation traffic.
  • The Self-Serve AvGas aircraft fuel station opened on 10/19/22.


  • Hurricane Ian wrought extensive damage to multiple large hangars. Airport management is working with the commercial tenants to assess their damage, work with insurance companies and prepare to rebuild.

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