Punta Gorda Named RVA’s Facility of the Year

Provided by RVA: 

Robinson Aviation (RVA) Inc. operates air traffic control towers at 100 airports across the southeast and southern United States for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Annually the company recognizes one control tower operation as its “facility of the year.” For 2019, the control tower operation at Punta Gorda Airport, in Punta Gorda, FL received the honor.

Seven towers were nominated for this award, and six of them scored the maximum number of points in the weighted point scoring system, which includes no safety events attributable to air traffic control, external audit results, pilot satisfaction scores, controller and airport management survey results. Key to PGD winning this award were the many customer service accolades the facility received – specific positive feedback from airport management, the FAA, the Chairman of the Florida International Air Show, the Florida Wing Group 5 Civil Air Patrol commander, and numerous pilots.

Punta Gorda Tower participates in many flying organizations’ meetings throughout the year, even asked to speak at flight safety meetings at two nearby airports. The team goes out of its way to educate and inform pilots, and are known throughout the area for being professional and courteous. RVA prides itself on providing quality air traffic control services, and the air traffic control team at Punta Gorda has risen to the top.

Ron Mallard, James Parish & George Harper

PGD’s COO Ron Mallard (left) with CEO James W. Parish and George Harper (right)

George Harper

George Harper, Air Traffic Manager, Punta Gorda FTC

Congratulations to Air Traffic Manager George Harper and his outstanding team!

In 2019 PGD had 81,136 takeoffs and landings, including 10,960 Allegiant operations, plus special community tours, the Florida International Air Show and ongoing runway construction projects.

With nearly 400 based aircraft including five flights schools, the PGD Tower team guides a diverse group of pilots with confidence, kindness and efficiency.

James W. Parish, P.E., CEO of Punta Gorda Airport

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