Special thanks to the entire team that made PGD’s Triennial Drill a success!

This full-scale exercise, required by the FAA every three years, tests the speed and effectiveness of emergency personnel and airport staff in the event of a significant incident.

  • In addition to Charlotte County Fire & EMS, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office dispatch team participated, along with the Air Traffic Control Tower and Worldwide Flight Services.
  • Special thanks to Allegiant for allowing us to utilize an Airbus A320 in this full-scale exercise, and to the EAA for allowing us to use their facility for briefings.

The exercise simulated an emergency response to a mock aircraft accident at the south end of the airport. Emergency responders simulated their response to an accident scene, including utilization of firefighting vehicles and equipment, flowing water for a simulated fire, evaluating potential environmental impacts, and treating pretend victims.

HAZMAT Response
Fire & EMS response - medical
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ARFF Response
ARFF Response
CCSO Dispatch
air bus and ARFF Response