PGD Celebrates Women’s History Month

PGD Celebrates Women’s History Month

As we commemorate National Women’s History Month, the Punta Gorda Airport proudly recognizes our remarkable female employees.

At PGD, we recognize that diversity and inclusivity are vital components of our success. As we celebrate the achievements of women throughout history, we shine a spotlight on our outstanding women of the Charlotte County Airport Authority. They are shaping the future of aviation right here in our own community!

  • Two outstanding leaders, Vanessa G. Oliver and Kathleen Coppola, serve as elected officials on our five-member Charlotte County Airport Authority Board.
  • Within our administration, women lead with grace and efficiency. They manage critical airport functions including finance, marketing, compliance, human resources, property management, executive support, badging, and customer service.
  • Landside operations is where hospitality meets precision, and our female staff members excel in both realms. From terminal management and daily operations to customer service and custodial responsibilities, these women work tirelessly to ensure passengers experience a smooth journey.
  • Airside operations demand technical prowess and attention to detail, qualities our women embody effortlessly. From day-to-day airfield operations to ensuring compliance, these professionals prioritize the safety and efficiency of every departing or arriving flight.
  • At the FBO Air Center, women play crucial roles in delivering top-notch services to pilots and aircraft owners. Whether undertaking administrative tasks, fueling operations, ground handling, or customer support, these women are at the forefront. They uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Beyond the 30 women employed by the Charlotte County Airport Authority, there are many more female business leaders, tenants, pilots and partners that make PGD a great place to work! Their dedication, hard work, and resilience inspire us all. They remind us of the profound impact women have had and continue to have on the aviation industry.

As we celebrate National Women’s History Month, join us in applauding the women of PGD.