Short-Term Parking

 Short-term parking is located directly in front of the terminal building.

  • First Hour (First Day Only)……….Free
  • Each Additional Hour……………….$1.00
  • Daily Maximum…………….………….$24.00
  • Overnight parking is not recommended. 

Long-Term Parking

Long-term parking is located behind the short-term lot.

  • First Hour (First Day Only)……….Free
  • Each Additional Hour……………….$1.00
  • Daily Maximum……………………….$11.00 
  • Weekly Maximum…………………….$66.00

Parking Estimator

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  • Call 941-815-1668 for free transport to/from overflow or remote parking.

  • PGD does not offer electric vehicle charging stations at this time.

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If you need assistance traveling from the long-term parking lot to the terminal, call the on-airport free shuttle service at 941-815-1668.

For more information on special needs, please visit our Special Needs page.

All parking fees begin accruing at the time you enter the parking lot.

To enter:
Before entering the parking lot you will approach a gate. Once at the gate, simply push the button on the machine for a ticket. Please keep this ticket as you will need it to exit.

To exit:
Once at the exit gate, insert the ticket you received when entering into the pay station. After inserting your ticket, the machine will provide your total parking cost. Once your total is shown, insert your credit card into the machine to complete payment. Once payment is accepted you will receive a receipt from the machine and the gate arm will open.

All parking at the Punta Gorda Airport is first come, first serve. Reserved parking is not offered.

If you would like to pay by cash for your parking, you may do so inside of the terminal at the pay station. The pay station is located inside of the baggage claim door near the ATM.

Once at the pay station, insert the parking ticket received when entering the parking lot into the machine. Next, insert your cash payment. Once payment is accepted please wait for your validated parking ticket to be returned. After taking your validated parking ticket, please wait for your receipt and return of any change you may have. Once the transaction is complete, please take your validated parking ticket and place it in the machine at the exit gate. The gate will then open.

If you should encounter a problem at either the entrance gate or pay station, press the “Call” button on the front of the machine.

Under FSS 316.1964 (7), parking is free to those who meet any or all of the following requirements:

  • 100% disabled U.S. military veterans displaying a license plate for disabled veterans;
  • an individual operating a vehicle with specialized equipment (ie ramps, lifts, foot or hands controls) for use by a person who has a disability;
  • or displaying the Florida Toll Exemption permit

If you meet any of these requirements, please call 941-815-1018 or press the help button on the exit machine for ticket validation. Your ticket must be validated prior to exiting the parking lot.

Unfortunately, no. PGD does not offer electric vehicle charging stations at this time. However, we are exploring such opportunities.

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