PGD’s CEO James W. Parish, P.E.

PGD’s CEO James W. Parish, P.E. has been accepted as a Board Member of the Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society. The Society is an elite group of professionals that hold a passion for commercial aviation and are recognized as leaders in their industry.

The Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society’s purpose is to perpetuate the legacy of Tony Jannus, who pioneered commercial aviation by piloting the inaugural flight New Year’s Day, 1914. In addition to maintaining the legacy of Tony Jannus, the Society has two other purposes: first to promote scholar awards and financial aid for college level education in the field of commercial aviation or related fields, and second to encourage the interest and participation of high school students in commercial aviation through a Student Essay Contest.

Parish was voted into the Society by the Executive Committee and will officially be inducted later in May 2019.

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