Must-Know Benefits & Opportunities for Military Veterans

Punta Gorda Airport has become a beacon of appreciation for those who have sacrificed to protect our freedoms. Through dedicated partnerships with Allegiant and Veterans Airlift Command, PGD is committed to supporting our heroes. Hosting events with SWFL Honor Flight and Florida International Air Show is just one way PGD expresses gratitude for our U.S. military Veterans.


Allegiant offers military discounts to Veterans, active-duty and reserve members through its Military Honors Program, with benefits extending to direct dependents. The following discounts are offered:

  • Baggage Discounts
    • 2 free checked bags up to 100 pounds
    • No charge for oversize checked baggage
    • 1 free carry-on bag
    • 1 free personal item
  • Pet Discounts
    • 1 free pet in-cabin
  • Other Discounts
    • Free boarding pass printing at the airport
    • Called to board early
    • Active-duty and Reserve members can skip “change or cancellation fees” when altering a flight due to a change in orders

Veterans Airlift Command

PGD Air Center is the proud home of the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC). The VAC is a lifeline that bridges the gap, providing free and private air transportation to Veterans and their families. This remarkable initiative connects our heroes with the medical care they need and reunites them with loved ones. Furthermore, each year the VAC hosts a Hero Flight to celebrate Veterans and meet the men and women behind the mission. Take the opportunity to make these journeys possible by donating or volunteering as a pilot with the Veterans Airlift Command.

SWFL Honor Flight

In 2022, PGD began hosting the SWFL Honor Flight, an extraordinary mission that takes participants on a journey of gratitude, remembrance and heartfelt appreciation. The Veterans embark on a one-day voyage to reflect at the memorials built in their honor in our nation’s capital. This voyage is a living history lesson, reminding us of the sacrifices made for our liberty. When they return to PGD, they are met with an abundance of joy and salutations at the welcome home celebration! To support the upcoming flight on Oct. 10, 2023, you can donate and take part in creating unforgettable memories for our Veterans.

Florida International Air Show

The skies come alive at the Florida International Air Show with the roar of engines, breathtaking maneuvers and awe-inspiring displays of aviation excellence! PGD plays an integral role in the Air Show’s History and has hosted the event since its inception. This family-fun event celebrates the spirit of aviation, honors our Veterans and inspires the next generation of aviators. Witness the following patriotic attractions Nov. 4-5, 2023:

  • U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds
    • Perform gravity-defying stunts, aerial acrobatics and breathtaking formations
    • Demonstrate the incredible capabilities of the F-16 Fighting Falcon and pilots’ elite skills
  • SOCOM Para-Commandos
    • Members of our nation’s Special Operations Forces
    • Exhibit parachuting skills with flags, smoke and sparklers
    • Educate our community about their mission

Don’t miss this adrenaline-pumping aviation event of the year where you can learn about and honor our Veterans!

At PGD, our runways are more than just pathways; they are bridges connecting our heroes with the care, opportunities and experiences they deserve.