Fill out the form below and review all the Rules and Regulations before submitting the form. Once submitted, please allow up to two business days for your application to be processed.

A $175 monthly pass card fee is required with initial account set-up. Cards may be purchased for one month up to 12 consecutive months at $175 per month. Card replacement is $15.

  • Applicants must pay in pick up their card and pay in person by appointment only by calling (941) 639-1101 x 146.
  • The pass holder and one secondary individual can use the monthly pass card.  While up to two names may be written on the card, one of these two individuals MUST be in the vehicle while entering and exiting the parking lot.
  • Whenever an access card is lost or stolen, it is necessary for the individual to immediately contact Charlotte County Airport Authority for a card de-activation update of the system.
  • Renewals and extensions must be in person by appointment only, not over the phone.
  • Monthly pass cards are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSERABLE. 

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    Rules and Regulations:

    1. Any vehicle parked in violation of the airport rules and regulations or apparently abandoned is subject to being towed without notice and stored at the owner's expense, or booted. Parking must be in the Long Term Parking lot.
    2. All claims for damages to vehicles must be reported to the Airport Authority before the vehicle leaves the parking lot. Charlotte County Airport Authority will be responsible only for those damages committed by its employees on the lots. Accident reports must be made out while the vehicle is on the lot. Claimants should call the Airport Authority Office within 24 hours after the accident occurs. Claims for damages on the parking lots will not be accepted unless the vehicle involved was parked in accordance with the airport rules and regulations.
    3. Charlotte County Airport Authority is not responsible for any articles, which may be left
    in vehicles parked in its lots.
    4. Abuse/Misuse of parking facilities may result in termination of parking privileges.
    5. Failure to abide by any of the rules or regulations makes the vehicle parked subject to being booted or towed, and/or termination of parking privileges.
    6. None of the above rules and regulations can be altered or voided by the parking lot attendant.

    Regulations Subject to Penalties
    1. The card holder in whose name a vehicle is registered for parking is responsible for
    any violation involving that vehicle.
    2. The fact that a person might park in violation of a regulation, but if it is not booted or
    towed it does not mean that the regulation is no longer in effect. Lack of a parking space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of any parking regulation.
    3. Vehicles that are parked in violation can be booted/towed. It is the parker's responsibility to inspect his/her vehicle to prevent this action.
    4. To allow use of your access card by another person or vehicle not registered with the Charlotte County Airport Authority is considered a violation.
    5. Failure to report damages made to other vehicles.
    6. Falsification of the application for parking privileges.
    7. Vehicle parked in unauthorized areas, vehicles may only park in marked parking spaces in the Long Term Parking lot.
    8. Any vehicle parked in such a way as to occupy more than one space; vehicle parked over or on the line (s), or blocking an otherwise open space, or parked in a lot driveway.
    9. Failure to follow facility access procedures.
    10. Immobilized vehicles beyond allotted time of permit.
    If your vehicle is on the lot after the allotted permit time it will be towed and impounded. The towing fee is $200 and impoundment is $25 per day.

    In addition, Charlotte County Airport Authority reserves the right to have the lot
    cleared of vehicles or to move the vehicles on occasions when needed during the
    year. You will be given a minimum of 2 weeks' notice via mail should a situation
    arise that require that vehicles be moved.

    Please note: All submissions become public record and are subject to the Public Records Laws of Florida.

    If you have further questions, please contact our administration office during normal business hours at 941-639-1101 x 146.


    All monthly pass holders can park in the Blue Lot, the long-term lot closest to the Bailey Terminal. If it is full, then pass holders can park in the Orange Overflow Lot or Remote Red Lot. For a map of the Punta Gorda Airport property, please click here.

    No. All monthly parking passes must be purchased in person by appointment, prior to parking.  Appointments can be made by calling 941-639-1101 x 146.

    Yes, on-demand shuttle service is offered by calling 941-815-1668.  If you need after-hours gate assistance please call 941-815-1018.

    During your arranged appointment at our Administration Office, payment will be taken (cash, credit or check) and you will be given a card used to enter and exit the long-term lots.

    The pass holder and one secondary individual can use the monthly pass card.  While up to two names may be written on the card, one of these two individuals MUST be in the vehicle while entering and exiting the parking lot.