Food Trucks

Food Trucks
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Bring your food truck to the passengers and staff at PGD!

We are accepting applications for a limited time period at no cost to vendors.

Please review the following information and submit the short form to be considered.

October Schedule

Flights & Food Trucks

Schedule is Subject to Change

We’re excited to launch Food Truck Fall in October here at PGD!

Click here for the tentative schedule


  • New potential vendors should request dates in November or December.
  • Available times include all day on Saturdays; and Sundays through Fridays from 1:30 p.m. into evening (so as not to compete with SkyView Café).
  • Weekly Allegiant flight schedules may be available upon request by emailing


  • Once approved, PGD will market your food truck visit on Facebook, Twitter and the BUZZ blog/e-news.


  • Staff will reserve marked spaces with cones and will open a temporary entrance for vendors.
  • Set up in the short-term parking lot parallel to the sidewalk across from the Bailey Terminal.
  • The customer counter should face the Terminal so the line can form on the adjacent sidewalk.
  • No power is available. Vendors must bring their own generator.
  • Approximate location shown below

Your business must be properly licensed and permitted to serve food in Florida. Upon acceptance of your application and schedule request, you will be required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the Charlotte County Airport Authority listed as the Additionally Insured or Certificate Holder in pdf form.

Please upload a current photo of your food truck/trailer setup to ensure it meets good appearance standards.