Action Requested for Existing Tenants


Dear Hangar Tenant:

Starting in January 2019, your new hangar leases approved by the Airport Authority at the November 2018 Board Meeting will go into effect. We’re requesting your cooperation in signing your new lease as soon as possible so your new rates can take effect in early 2019 (the month after signing).

All current tenants will be grandfathered into a month-to-month lease with these reduced rates for 2019:

  • Hangars series 200 / 600 – $275 per month
  • Hangar row series 60400 – $325 per month

In order to streamline the process, please complete the following:

  • Take the updated “Drivers Education Test” online.
  • Print and fill out a copy of the “Lessee Info Sheet” and email it to (or drop it off at the FBO anytime).
  • You will be notified once your lease has been prepared and is ready to sign at the FBO Sunday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

Our hope is to have all the driving tests and leases signed by the end of January, however we understand tenants may be out of the state or have extenuating circumstances. Any tenant that has not signed their new lease by the end of May 2019 will be subject to termination of their lease agreement in June 2019. 

I am pleased that our tenants are enjoying some of the most conveniently-located facilities at the most economical rates in the State of Florida. By the end of 2018 we will have replaced all the old doors with new hydraulic doors, which has been well-received and improved the ease of use for our tenants.

As you have likely noticed, Punta Gorda Airport has experienced strong growth in commercial passenger traffic over the last few years and is projected to reach 1.6 million passengers by year end. Our staff has a Master Plan in place to guide our long-term future development and is working to accommodate this growth incrementally while maintaining our low-cost airport model.

Since we have a wide range of audiences that utilize PGD, we are continually working to improve our communications through our website, social media, e-news, videos and printed materials (examples enclosed).  We ask that you sign up for the BUZZ e-news and check the T-Hangar Tenant box, as we need your email address to communicate important, tenant-specific announcements. This is how we’ll keep you updated on runway improvements, closures and progress as we develop new general aviation facilities off Challenger Boulevard.

If you have questions, please email or contact the FBO at 941-639-4119 during the office hours indicated above.

James W. Parish, P.E.

CEO, Punta Gorda Airport

Charlotte County Airport Authority

Click here for the PDF version of the letter mailed to tenants on 12/18/18. 

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