Landing Rights for PGD

Charlotte County Airport Authority’s request for landing rights at PGD was denied by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection in October 2022.  However, we have the right to appeal and we are starting that process now.  We need your help in raising political awareness with our national legislators about how important this program is to Southwest Florida’s continued growth and recovery after Hurricane Ian.

We understand their reason for denial based on their lack of manpower, but to deny us because of our lack for inspection facilities is counter to the reason why Preclearance program was created.  The program is designed to relieve international airports of the stress of dealing with arriving international flights if the passengers and cargo are “Precleared” in their departing airport, in this case Toronto.

Landing rights approval for PGD will have a significant economic benefit to our small, but growing, community.  Please copy this template on to your letterhead, personalize it, and email it to Kaley will gather the letters and present them as appropriate.