The stats above are taken from a Clear Channel Airports-commissioned Nielsen study that revealed airport advertising is a highly effective media platform that reaches frequent flyers, tourists and business travelers and raises brand awareness while driving sales to local and national businesses.

The study provides insights into frequent flyer responsiveness to airport advertising, the types of activities travelers engage in while waiting for their flights, and what actions consumers take after being exposed to airport advertisements such as social media activity, in-store retail shopping and e-commerce activity.

The study shows that frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertising, with 80% noticing the media and 42% taking action that includes visiting a website, going to a store or learning more about a product/brand/service. Nineteen percent of frequent flyers actually bought a product they saw advertised at the airport.

More specifically, airport campaigns are a significant driver of foot traffic, with 84% of frequent fliers likely to visit a restaurant, 50% likely to visit a clothing/accessories/jewelry store and 41% likely to visit a consumer electronics store.

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To learn more about the study and its findings, click here.

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