Keep Your Spirits Bright! Arrive Two Hours Before Your Flight.

Holiday travel time is finally here. But do not worry, you have nothing to fear.  Just be forewarned of what may be; loads of extra passengers and luggage to see! 

PGD staff is on the double, so here are some tips to keep you out of trouble:  

  • If parking lots are filling up, we’ll have discount grass lots and shuttles for pickup.
  • If you’re concerned paved parking will be hard to find, call Gulf Coast Car Service to hitch a ride.
  • Wondering how crowded security lanes may be? Check your time frame on our departures page to see.
  • Be sure to download the Allegiant mobile app to make check-in and boarding seem like a snap.
  • Inside the terminal, only traveling pets may be – so thank you for following our animal policy.
  • Check out the Flybrary to pick up a magazine or book; the hallway near baggage claim is where you’ll look.
  • If you’re feeling hungry you may be in luck; check the short-term parking lot for a scheduled Food Truck.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for weekly visits from the K-9 Comfort Crew; our airport therapy dogs bring smiles to you!

Above all else, keep your spirits bright; arrive two hours before your morning flight!

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