Drivers Education Test 1

Drivers Education Test 1
Drivers Education Test 1 2018-02-20T15:42:17+00:00


All persons operating any vehicles on the Punta Gorda Airport must submit a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance. It is the responsibility of the Airport to police all unauthorized ground vehicles and enforce compliance of this section.

Access to the ramp and aircraft parking areas shall be limited to those vehicles with legitimate needs only. All ground vehicles operating on aircraft ramps or parking areas shall observe the 10 mph speed limit. Ground vehicles (except airport vehicles) shall not be parked on the airport’s main ramp.

Permanent tie-down tenants have authorization from Airport Management to operate ground vehicles to and from their aircraft from the closest vehicle access gate.

T-hangar tenants are authorized to operate ground vehicles to their hangars from the vehicle gate closest to their leased hangar. T-hangar areas are not to be used for ground vehicle parking.

Employees, tenants and contractors requiring ramp or movement area access will complete this Airport Ground Vehicle Training Course.

Failure to adhere with any rules, regulations, or directive of this Authority, its agents, Commissioners or staff, will result in oral reprimand for the first offense, written reprimand for the second offense, the third offense will result in permanent revocation of the AIRPORT GATE ACCESS CARD privileges.

The Airport Management will make available for inspection to the FAA Administration, on request, any records of accidents or incidents on the movement are involving any aircraft and/or ground vehicles.