Advisories for Training Exercise Oct. 3

Airport Stakeholders and emergency responders will take part in a full-scale training exercise at Punta Gorda Airport on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023.

Passengers will not be affected by this exercise as all commercial airline facilities, including entrance and exit roads, parking, the Bailey Terminal and aircraft boarding will still be accessible and operational. Only one flight is scheduled to depart and arrive late afternoon.

The exercise will simulate an emergency response to a mock aircraft accident at the south end of the airport. Emergency responders will simulate their response to an accident scene, including utilization of firefighting vehicles and equipment, flowing water for a simulated fire, and treating pretend victims.

This notification is intended to make the media and community aware in case they hear radio communications or observe additional Charlotte County Fire & EMS vehicles, other emergency response vehicles and personnel on site. In order to maintain a safe environment for the training exercise, the area will not be open to outside observers or media.


  • Please contact the Air Traffic Control Tower and follow normal procedures.
  • A portion of Taxiway D that is between Taxiway A and Allegiant’s Hangar will be closed from Monday, Oct. 2 in the evening until Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 1 p.m.
  • The PGD Air Center will be operational all day.


  • Media representatives are not invited to attend/observe the exercise.
  • The NBC-2 weather webcam feed will be deactivated for the morning.


  • Passers-by are advised not to enter airport property.
  • The exercise will not affect scheduled airline travel. Only one Allegiant flight is scheduled to depart/arrive late afternoon.