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All meeting agendas and minutes can be found at https://www.flypgd.com/airport-authority/meeting-minutes-and-agendas/.

Legal meeting notices can be found at https://www.flypgd.com/airport-authority/legal-notices/.

Due to the current State of Emergency, the Charlotte County Airport Authority has been working to find a solution to hold our public Board Meeting that is scheduled for 1:30 PM on Wednesday, March 18th.  Keep in mind, this meeting is referred to as an “Emergency Meeting” only because it was previously unscheduled, and was scheduled last week to address time-sensitive deadlines for loan and contract approval, not because of COVID-19 related issues.

It has been decided that for our meeting today, we will offer an easy to use call in option to all members of the public, as well as our Board members. Although we will not turn you away if you do appear at our Board Room in person, we do strongly recommend that you attend our meeting through the arranged call in option. Utilizing the phone option to attend the meeting still allows those who wish to speak during our Citizens Input agenda items to do so. Additionally, although not required, the software we are utilizing will allow for you to follow along with our PowerPoint that will be displayed like normal throughout the meeting. For those that would prefer to attend by calling in, the information is as follows:

Scheduled meeting time: 1:30 PM

Time you may begin calling in: 1:25 PM

Phone number to call: 727-502-6839

Conference ID: 923 385 160#

Web link to follow along with the presentation: Click here and then you can choose to open in the Microsoft Teams App or through your regular web browser

Once again, for everyone’s safety, we do strongly recommend that you utilize the call in option to attend this Emergency Meeting for the Charlotte County Airport Authority.