Propelling Futures in Aviation


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla., September 26, 2023 — Committed to leading the nation in both academic and vocational training, Charlotte Technical College (CTC) has proudly launched the “Propelling Futures” campaign. This forward-looking initiative is poised to elevate aviation education in Southwest Florida and significantly expand career horizons for both local and national students.

Education as the Catalyst for Broader Opportunities

CTC has consistently exhibited excellence in diverse academic spheres. This campaign, however, intensifies the focus on aviation, targeting a gap in the industry. The school aims to be a beacon for those seeking prosperous careers in not just commercial or private aviation but in the myriad industries where aviation education finds relevance.

CTC’s Expansive Vision

By January 2024, the state-of-the-art 19,420 sq. ft. Aviation Training Facility, complete with a 9,015 sq. ft. experiential learning hangar at Punta Gorda Airport, will be a living testament to CTC’s expansive vision. Beyond infrastructure, this endeavor signifies a deeper commitment: to cultivate a new generation of aviation professionals, prepared for the dynamic shifts of the industry.

Community Impact and Economic Revival

While education remains the core, the ripple effects of this facility will be manifold. Beyond enhancing CTC’s educational prowess, it promises to invigorate the local job market, attract pivotal businesses, and solidify the region’s economic foundation. Moreover, this initiative will extend its influence to multiple sectors, bridging the gap between formal education and the vast expanse of industries requiring aviation expertise.

Director Cynthia Gulsby remarked, “The Propelling Futures campaign goes beyond our college walls. We are laying the foundation for an era where our students, whether local or from afar, can harness unparalleled career opportunities across diverse industries.”

Amanda Fox, Aviation Maintenance Specialist at CTC, added, “We’re not just constructing a facility; we’re building futures. We’re looking at the holistic development of our students, making them industry-ready for a spectrum of roles in the vast aviation domain.”

“Our endeavor transcends classroom education. We aim to be a hub for industry-readiness, giving our students an edge in the diverse world of aviation and its associated industries,” said Amanda Fox, Aviation Maintenance Specialist at CTC.

Take Flight With Us

CTC is extending an invitation to community advocates, alumni, donors, and businesses, urging them to join this transformative journey. Every contribution—monetary, advisory, or advocacy— brings this vision closer to fruition.

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Sign up for High School or Adult Training programs to become an FAA Certified A&P Aircraft Mechanic!

These programs focus on broad, transferable skills, stresses understanding of all aspects of the aviation maintenance industry, and demonstrates elements of the industry such as planning, management, finance, technical and production skills, underlying principles of technology, labor issues, community issues, and health, safety, and environmental issues. Become a world-class aircraft mechanic trained in Punta Gorda, Florida!   

High School Aviation Programs

AIRFRAME – This program is designed to prepare students for FAA license exams for Airframe ratings. This program prepares students for employment as an Aviation Maintenance General Technician and an Aviation Airframe Maintenance Technician. This class is for seniors only who will take the General Maintenance course for 4 class periods at CTC. Upon graduation, students will complete the program at the Punta Gorda Airport .

Adult Airframe & Powerplant Certification Programs

AIRFRAME & POWERPLANT – The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment or advanced training in the commercial and general aviation industry. This program prepares students for employment as an Aviation Maintenance General Technician, and an Aviation Airframe Maintenance Technician.  Additional courses prepare student for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license examinations for Powerplant ratings.

About Charlotte Technical College:

Charlotte Technical College (CTC) is a leading academic institution in Southwest Florida, renowned for its comprehensive vocational and academic training programs. Serving students from diverse backgrounds, CTC is committed to fostering an environment of innovation, hands-on learning, and industry-readiness. Through its cutting-edge curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated faculty, CTC empowers students to excel in their chosen fields, setting them on a path to success in the rapidly evolving job market.

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