Bill Peyton


Controllers and staff are the friendliest and most helpful I’ve ever encountered. My wife and I enjoy calling this airport our winter home. We made the conscious decision to hangar here instead of Ft Myers, where we live. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of this airport and the continuous improvements planned… #WhyFlyPGD

Bill Peyton2020-04-15T10:13:10-04:00

Shelley Jackson


I LOVE PGD airport and ALWAYS fly Allegiant from the Midwest specifically Reading,Michigan to my 'second home' in Sebring! My residence in Michigan is approximately 1 hour from TOL and 1 hr 15 mins from FWA which is not only convenient but are both smaller airports as well! In addition, I LOVE the family-friendly "feel "at PGD and the ability to find where you're going without getting overwhelmed as you do in the larger airports! I have also traveled with my elderly 'in-laws' and everyone is extremely kind an accommodating to the senior citizen population! Furthermore, the fact that you can [...]

Shelley Jackson2020-04-15T10:17:02-04:00

Susan Russo


Living in Port Charlotte and not getting to spend much time with my family in PA, PGD makes it possible for me to conveniently fly "home" to ABE to spend precious time with my granddaughter without facing a long drive back and forth to PIE!! #WhyFlyPGD #TogetherWeFly

Susan Russo2020-04-15T10:17:18-04:00

Audrey Lanczki


Flying to Michigan to visit family and friends has become so convienent thanks to PGD and Allegiant. I used to fly Spirit from RSW to DTW and now I fly PGD to FNT. Even though Flint is further from the Detroit Metro area, I can shave off 30 minutes or more because both airports are easy on and off from I-75! #WhyFlyPGD #TogetherWeFly

Audrey Lanczki2020-04-15T10:13:00-04:00

Elwood Miles


We have a home in Asheville, NC and a "winter home" at a trailer park in Punta Gorda and frequently fly between the two in winter months - much faster and easier than driving! #WhyFlyPGD #TogetherWeFly

Elwood Miles2020-04-15T10:13:23-04:00

Jim Gienko


It has always been my dream to learn to fly. Approximately four years ago I decided to take the plunge and since PGD was only a 10 minute drive from Punta Gorda I learn to fly at Harborside Aviation. After learning to fly I wanted to experience as much of what flying has to offer so I purchased a Cirrus SR 22 and I have been flying out of PGD since purchasing the airplane and getting a hangar at PGD. I think PGD is a fantastic airport with a great FBO, excellent mechanics and very competent air traffic control.#WhyFlyPGD Punta Gorda [...]

Jim Gienko2020-04-15T10:13:28-04:00

Kim Requa


I love our little airport! It is so conveniently located (only 7 mins from my home)! My friends and I just used Allegiant Air to travel to Niagara’s Falls to run a half marathon and it was a great flight there and back! #WhyFlyPGD #TogetherWeFly

Kim Requa2020-04-15T10:15:45-04:00

Kimberly Clay


We have been flying into Punta Gorda for nearly 7 years now. One of our very best friends decided one day she was going to move to Cape Coral, I never imagined all of the friends we would make due to her move there. My boyfriend and I have spent many happy days on the beautiful beaches there, swimming, sunning and just plain having fun. We decided to plan a trip to Key West in May of this year, little did I know what was going to transpire. This picture says it all...we fell in love...with Florida, the people and [...]

Kimberly Clay2020-04-15T10:15:42-04:00
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