Woodlawn Drive Realignment


The realignment of Woodlawn Drive was included in the Airport Authority's Master Plan that was in development for several years before it was approved in 2018. As Runway 15-33 was extended, it required the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) to also extend further south on airport property. Thus the road (Woodlawn Drive) had to be realigned to be outside the limits of the new Runway Protection Zone.The Airport Authority hosted public workshops and opportunities for engagement per FAA requirements. Following approval of the Master Plan, monthly project updates, including plans for Woodlawn Drive, were provided in Agenda packets for Charlotte County [...]

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Fleet Maintenance Technician


SUMMARY: Under the direction and guidance of the Manager of Facilities, is responsible for the maintenance of the fleet vehicles and responsible for the overall organization and cleanliness of the maintenance shop facility. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Operates equipment and uses hand tools safely in the performance of all duties. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all vehicles and equipment. Implements and monitors a preventative maintenance program to assure cost effective maintenance and a scheduled maintenance program to provide maintenance by manufacturers specifications. Maintains a complete inventory system through recording of all expenditures and income of each vehicle, maintenance equipment, fuel, [...]

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Seasonal Line Service Technician (Fueler)


Seasonal Line Tech needed for refueling, marshaling, towing, mooring aircraft and other duties. The Line Service Technician is responsible for a safe, compliant, and efficient FBO operation including aircraft fueling, ground handling, facilities maintenance and customer service. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Operate all aircraft fueling operations per FAA requirements and airline standards. Maintain daily record keeping as assigned, electronic or manual.  Assist with the daily functions of the customer service counter and airside operations. Assist in the preventative maintenance (daily checks), cleanliness and proper storage of all aircraft and FBO ground support equipment. Equipment shall be maintained to exceed industry standards and [...]

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Part-Time Grounds Maintenance Technician


SUMMARY: Under the direction and guidance of the Grounds Supervisor, is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds, to include chemical applications. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Operates grounds equipment and uses hand tools safely in the performance of all duties. Responsible for grounds maintenance, to include mowing, edging, blowing, trimming, pruning, weeding and spraying. Maintains the mechanical equipment and hand tools used. Installs and maintains flowers and shrubs for a colorful and manicured appearance. Diagnoses insect, too dry or fungus issues on the lawns or ornamentals. Tests, repairs and sets timers on the irrigation systems; fixes and replaces broken sprinkler heads. Applies [...]

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Punta Gorda Airport Surpasses Monthly Passenger Record


Punta Gorda, FL (April 11, 2018) – The Charlotte County Airport Authority (CCAA) announces that March 2018 was the busiest month in the history of the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD), which experienced a 36.07% increase in commercial passenger traffic over March 2017. At 192,947 total Allegiant passengers, PGD’s March 2018 passenger traffic exceeded any previous month, with 94,795 boarding passengers and 98,152 arriving passengers. The record for the busiest month was previously held by March 2017 at 141,802 total passengers. PGD has also experienced a strong increase in general aviation traffic – with its tower reporting a total of 8,282 takeoffs [...]

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