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Summary of December News Coverage


Punta Gorda Airport and the Charlotte County Airport Authority have been covered in various local and national news sources. Meltwater Media Monitoring Report: December 2020 – Interactive Version (Password: PGD) Featured News & Articles Highlights from regional & national coverage: List of Internet Articles & Reach List of Social Media Posts & Reach List of Broadcast News & Reach

Summary of December News Coverage2021-01-13T13:53:12-05:00

Runway Construction Updates


Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation and Extension This project consisted of constructing a 593-foot extension on the south end of Runway 15-33 (increasing the length to 6,281 feet) and rehabilitating the existing runway pavement. This portion of the project was completed in October 2020. In addition, Woodlawn Drive is being realigned to be outside the limits of the new Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) on the south end of Runway 33 once it is extended to the south. Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation This project will include the rehabilitation, not the extension, of Runway 4-22, which is 7,192 feet long. PROJECT INFORMATION  STUDIES, REPORTS & MAPS [...]

Runway Construction Updates2020-12-30T16:48:50-05:00

Top-Off Tuesday Winners


Top-Off Tuesday Holiday Treat Giveaway! 20 GALLONS OF AVGAS Congratulations to one random winner from each series of T-Hangars! Vic & Carol Babyak – hangar 20518 Mike Plante – hangar 60404 The winners are instructed to please stop by the FBO to receive their gift certificate. Return to PGD BUZZ

Top-Off Tuesday Winners2020-12-22T15:17:04-05:00

Holiday Travel Tips & Reminders


Keep Your Spirits Bright! Arrive Two Hours Before Your Flight. Holiday travel time is finally here. But do not worry, you have nothing to fear.  Just be forewarned of what may be; lots of passengers and luggage to see!  PGD staff is on the double, so here are some tips to keep you out of trouble:   Masks are required inside PGD; do your best to follow our advisories. If parking lots are filling up, we’ll have discount grass lots and shuttles for pickup. If you’re concerned paved parking will be hard to find, call Gulf Coast Car Service to hitch a [...]

Holiday Travel Tips & Reminders2020-12-22T09:49:03-05:00

T-Hangar Leases & Badging


Important Changes to Lease Requirements LESSEE INFO SHEET 2021 SAMPLE LEASE BADGING & DRIVERS TEST Dear T-Hangar Tenant: On December 17, 2020, the Charlotte County Airport Authority (CCAA) Board approved an updated Lease and Rules & Regulations that requires you to have $1,000,000 in liability insurance on your aircraft. The Board approved this policy at the recommendation of our attorney to protect each of you, your fellow tenants, and the airport. Please make note of these important changes taking effect on January 1, 2021.  All Leases and Badges [...]

T-Hangar Leases & Badging2020-12-30T16:42:09-05:00

AeroGuard Partners with Hodges Offering Bachelor’s Degree


Look! There’s a new bachelor’s degree in the sky! Hodges University has launched a bachelor’s degree concentration in aviation. Formally named the Bachelor in Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Aviation, it opens a pathway for students interested in becoming a commercial pilot. Hodges University is partnering with Part 141 Flight schools in Florida and around the country. “While students are in flight school, they can also enroll at Hodges University and earn their bachelor’s degree,” said Dr. John Meyer, president of Hodges University. “They can also earn a credit award for the pilot license itself, helping them complete their [...]

AeroGuard Partners with Hodges Offering Bachelor’s Degree2020-12-11T15:46:59-05:00

PGD to MCI – Museums, History, Entertainment and Family Fun


Photo Courtesy of Jonathon Tasler Take a trip to Kansas city, home of the 2020 Super Bowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs, with a low-cost, nonstop Allegiant flight from PGD to MCI. Kansas City has gained a reputation as a prominent destination for museum-goers. Whether it be art, history or the award winning Glore Psychiatric Museum you’re guaranteed to find an exhibit that interests you. The National WWI Museum and Memorial is an attraction you won’t want to miss! This place holds the most diverse collection of World War I objects and documents in the world and is the second-oldest public museum dedicated to preserving the [...]

PGD to MCI – Museums, History, Entertainment and Family Fun2020-12-11T15:44:25-05:00
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