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This online training course was prepared to teach you about the unique problems and safety requirements of working and driving a vehicle at an airport.


The purpose of the Driver’s Training:

  • To establish a standardized ground movement of vehicles on airport property
  • To maintain the highest level of safety on airport premises
  • To prevent runway incursions
  • To reduce the risk of injury to airport patrons
  • To maintain the airport’s compliance with FAR Part 139.329 Regulations

The Airfield

The Punta Gorda Airport is owned and operated by the Charlotte County Airport Authority, having a three-letter designation of “PGD”.

The Punta Gorda Airport has three runways.

  • 4/22 is 7,193 feet long.
  • 15/33 is 5,688 feet long.
  • 9/27 is 2,636 feet long.