Non-Movement Ramp Quiz


  • Beware of Jet Blast
    • Jet engines produce a blast of hot air that can burn you, knock you over, or even turn over your car
    • Stay clear of jet engine intakes, many people have been killed or severely injured as a result of being ingested into an operating engine
  • Beware of Prop-Wash
    • Stay Clear of Spinning Propellers
    • A Spinning Propeller appears invisible
  • One way to tell if an aircraft’s engines are running or about to start is to see if the anti-collision lights (rotating beacon) on top or on the wingtips of the aircraft are flashing
  • Approach parked aircraft with extreme caution.
    • Stay outside of the aircrafts “propeller arc.”
  • Never drive under any portion of an aircraft
  • When in doubt, yield the right of way to other vehicles
  • Beware of driving hazards at night and in bad weather. Aircraft, vehicles, and signs “blend in” to the background of hangars and airport lighting
  • Report any accident to the Airport Authority
  • No Smoking!



Identifications outside of the SIDA Area (airline ramp) do not have to be displayed however, you must have your airport identification on your person. Security of the hangar/tenant areas is everyone’s responsibility. If a person appears to be in an area that they should not be, politely ask them to show their airport identification, this is known as “challenging.” If the individual does not possess an airport identification when challenged, please contact the Airport Security Coordinator or Airport Operations immediately.

When entering a vehicle gate, you must wait for the gate to completely close behind you before another vehicle may enter. If another vehicle with a badged person enters behind you or an unbadged person that you are not escorting, the vehicle and person behind you is “piggybacking.” Piggybacking while entering the airport is prohibited however, when leaving the airport multiple vehicles may exit together if the last vehicle stays with the gate until it is completely closed.

If you see something, say something and help each other keep the airport and your property secure.

Tenant Escort Procedures

Tenants can escort unbadged visitors to their hangar provided they adhere to the following rules:

  • Visitors cannot drive inside the fence; only badged tenants who have taken the PGD drivers education test may drive inside the airfield fence.
  • Escorted visitors must always remain with the badged tenant and cannot be without a badged escort at any time within the airfield fence.
  • Tenants requiring escorts for unbadged visitors that cannot meet these guidelines must contact Airport Operations at 941-815-7629 for assistance prior to entering the airfield.
  • Tenants escorting an unbadged visitor are responsible for the actions of the visitor while on the airfield.


  • Use parking brakes or wheel chocks
  • Use designated parking spots or park in your hangar.
  • Maintain a five-foot clear zone when driving around aircraft and hangar doors.