Non-Movement Ramp Quiz


  • Airport – An area of the land or water, that is used or intended to be used for the landing and taking off of aircraft and includes its buildings and facilities.
  • Air Operations Area (AOA) – That portion of an airport used for the landing, take off, ground maneuvering and parking of aircraft.
  • Apron or Ramp – That area of the airport used for the parking of aircraft for the purpose of deplaning and enplaning passengers or cargo.
  • Ground Vehicle – That category of vehicle and equipment having authorized access to the AOA including: airport service equipment, ground equipment vehicles, aircraft fire and rescue vehicles and all other emergency and Airport Authority vehicles necessary for the safe and secure operations of the airport.
  • Movement Area – Runways, taxiways and associated safety areas of an airport which are used for the taxing, hover taxiing, air taxiing and the takeoff and landing of aircraft, exclusive of loading ramps and aircraft parking.
  • Non Movement Area – That portion of the AOA where both aircraft and vehicle traffic is allowed.
  • Runway -A surface designated for Aircraft to landing and takeoff. Runways named with a number that is its magnetic direction, rounded off to the nearest 10 degrees. The runways at the Punta Gorda Airport are 4/22, 15/33 and 9/27.
  • Runway Safety Area -An area 500 feet in width, the center portion of which is the usable runway and which extends 1000 feet beyond the end of the runway.
  • Hold Lines – Are depicted by two continuous and two dashed yellow lines, spaced 12 inches between lines and are perpendicular to the taxiway centerline. They may also consist of one or more signs at the edge of the taxiway.
  • Taxiway – That portion of the movement area used for surface maneuvering of aircraft to transition on the air operations area.
  • Taxiway Safety Area – An area 170 ft. wide, the center of which is the usable taxiway.