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There are a variety of opportunities for contractors, suppliers, and professional service providers who want to do business with The Charlotte County Airport Authority.

All business opportunities are listed here. Note the listing is approximate and is provided for informational purposes only. Final bid packages, including plans, specification, and addendums, are subject to change without notice.

Please be sure to review all information and documents about each opportunity in the related files. If you have questions about a project or business opportunity, please contact the individual(s) listed in the project documents for more information.

Notice: Please be advised that individuals interested in receiving information about potential business opportunities with the Charlotte County Airport Authority (“CCAA”) regarding employment opportunities, bid packages, Requests for Proposals and all other opportunities related to public procurement, should refer to This Page as the CCAA’s official procurement site.


General Aviation Center

Advertisement for Bids

Plan Holder List (As of May 16, 2019)

Addendum No. One

Addendum No. Two

Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation and Extension, Wetlands Mitigation Phase 1 and Phase 2, and Woodland Drive Relocation

Advertisement for Bids

Plan Holder List

Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet

 Addendum No. One

Addendum No. One Excel Bid Schedule

Addendum No. Two

Addendum No. Two (A)

Addendum No. Three

Addendum No. Four Excel Bid Schedule

Addendum No. Four


Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 2018-002 – New General Aviation Terminal Facility

RFQ 2018-002 – Notice of Award

RFQ 2018-002 – Selection Matrix

RFQ 2018-002 – Addendum One

RFQ 2018-002 – Firms Requesting Packets *Updated 07/18/18*

RFQ 2018-002 – Advertisement

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 2018-001 – Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation and Extension & Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation

RFQ 2018-001- Notice of Award

RFQ 2018-001 – Selection Matrix

RFQ 2018-001 – Addendum No. Two

RFQ 2018-001 – Addendum No. One

RFQ 2018-001 – Firms Requesting Packets *Updated 06/05/18*

RFQ 2018-001 – Advertisement

Request for Bids (RFB) Regenerative Air Sweeper

RFB Regenerative Air Sweeper – Bid Opening Summary Sheet

RFB Regenerative Air Sweeper – Addendum Number Four

RFB Regenerative Air Sweeper – Addendum Number Three

RFB Regenerative Air Sweeper – Addendum Number Two

RFB Regenerative Air Sweeper – Addendum Number One

RFB Regenerative Air Sweeper – Advertisement

Request for Proposals (RFP) 2018-001 – T-Hangar Aviation Development

RFP 2018-001 – Addendum One

RFP 2018-001 – Advertisement


Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 2017-003 – Wetland Mitigation Phase 1 of 2

RFQ 2017-003 – Consultant Selection Matrix

RFQ 2017-003 – Addenda No. 1

RFQ 2017-003  – Advertisement