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We ask that all vendors register with DemandStar, so that your company is automatically notified of our solicitations in order to access the website where documents are available to download. To register your company, please go to On the registration form, enter the required information and be sure to select the Charlotte County Airport Authority as your Free Agency Registration.  Although this service is not a mandatory requirement in bidding with the Authority, it is the only way to be notified automatically of solicitations.

We will continue to post solicitation notices in the local newspaper, “The Sun” and post open and active solicitations below. For any questions about solicitations, please contact; Ron D. Ridenour, Project Manager at 941-639-1101 extension 129 or e-mail at

Current Solicitations

To view a recent list of current and awarded projects, please click here

South Terminal Expansion and In-Line Baggage System – RFQ-5-0-2023/CE

Design/Build Services for Terminal Expansion – RFQ-4-0-2023/CE

New Taxiway G – RFB-3-0-2023/CE

New Aircraft Tug – RFB-2-0-2023/CE

Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System – RFP-1-0-2023/CE

Land Development Non-Aeronautical Lease – RFP-10-0-2022/LP

For questions pertaining to this solicitation, please email Lisa Pedigo at

Architectural/Engineering Consultant Services for CTC Aviation Tech Facility – RFQ-9-0-2022/CE

Florida State Lobbying Services – RFP-8-0-2022/KM

For questions pertaining to this solicitation, please email Kelley McLaughlin at

Rental Car Concession Agreements – RFP-7-0-2022/GD

Design Build Services – RFQ-6-0-2022/RL

Engineering Consultant Services for New Taxiway G – RFQ-5-0-2022/RR

Taxiway D Reconstruction Project – RFB-4-0-2022/CE

Traffic Network Improvement Project – RFB-3-0-2022/RR

Terminal Seating Project – RFB-2-0-2022/RR

Building 101 Ramp Repair Project – RFB-1-0-2022/RR

Commercial Leasing Services Broker for Industrial Park and AviEx Area

Continuing Services Agreement (Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services)

New Self Service AvGas System

Professional Engineering Consultant Services for Taxiway D Rehabilitation

Florida State Lobbying Services

For questions pertaining to this solicitation, please email Amy Paglialunga at

Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation/Reconstruction and Wetlands Mitigation Phase 2

Full-Service Restaurant, Bar & Caterer at Punta Gorda Airport General Aviation Center

Land Lease for Construction of Service Plaza with Fueling Positions

Design Build Services for New FBO Hangar

New 600 Series T-hangars and Building 207 at the Punta Gorda Airport

Outdoor LED Monument Signs & Installation

Administration Office Building Expansion (Modification to an Existing Commercial Building)

General Aviation Center – GA Terminal Package

Landside Landscape Services

Runway 22 RPZ Security Fencing

Backup Generator at the Fuel Farm

General Aviation Center – Airside Civil Package

New Long-Term Parking Lot Expansion

To view bids, proposals, or qualifications prior to January 01, 2020, please visit the Archived Bids/Proposals/Qualifications page.