What If I Make A Mistake?

As hard as we try not to, all of us make mistakes once in a while. What will happen to you if you make a mistake while operating a piece of equipment or a vehicle on the airport? That depends on the type of mistake you make, whether any one is hurt or property damaged, and the airport’s policy.

The airport has certain rules for anyone who must drive on the airport. Ask your employer for a copy of these rules, and then read and obey them. The rules can cover a wide range of subjects, depending on the size and complexity of the airport. Breaking any of the rules may be punishable by a fine or other penalty.

It is up to the representative of the owner of the airport (usually the airport manager) to determine what rules have been broken and what the punishment will be. Most airports look at each mistake on a case by case basis. At a minimum, you and your company would be responsible for any injury or property damage.

If you operate a vehicle or piece of equipment on the airport, it is your duty to report ANY accident, even minor dents or scratches, to your employer, and in accordance with your airport’s rules and regulations. Even a small dent in the wrong place on an aircraft can make that aircraft unsafe to fly. Please, do your part to help make the airport a safe place.



Driving rains and fog can affect the operation of the airport as well as affect you work. Here are a few precautions to remember when driving in bad weather:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get wherever you are going.
  • Drive slower than you normally would.
  • If your vehicle has a rotating beacon, use it – it helps others see you
  • Test the brakes, headlights and windshield wipers on the vehicle before you leave.



Know and obey all Airport Rules and Regulations.

Remember, a pilot’s view of ground areas immediately in front and adjacent to the sides of the aircraft and is limited, and any area behind the wings is nonexistent. When possible, approach aircraft from a direction where a pilot can see you.

Always dim or lower the beams of vehicle headlights when approaching oncoming aircraft or motor vehicles.

Aircraft taxiing or being towed has the right-of-way.

Smoking is prohibited on the apron including while operating a vehicle on the apron.

Report all fuel spills, immediately to the Airport Administration Office @ 941-639-1101.

Speed limit:15 MPH – all taxiways.

Speed limit:10 MPH – all aprons.

Speed limit: 5 MPH – in close vicinity of aircraft.

Never, without notification and authorization from Airport Management, enter a movement area.