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Laura Wisser


I fly PGD to get to my happy place; Punta Gorda and all the surrounding gorgeous beaches. I also get to visit with my son and his significant other, spending time with them is priceless!!! I never get tired of coming down. Would not fly any other airline but Allegiant!! Quick and great flight to be there in 2 and 1/2 hours!! #TogetherWeFly

Laura Wisser2020-04-15T10:15:39-04:00

Lisa Hannon


My husband bought a plane in 2012. I had no intention or interest in flying, but after a little persuading I began lessons with LPC Aviation. I have gone on to get my private and instrument rating. I am extremely blessed to fly out of one of the best airports with the best controllers. Keep up the good work! We are looking forward to all the coming improvements. #WhyFlyPGD

Lisa Hannon2020-04-15T10:15:33-04:00

Jim Gienko


It has always been my dream to learn to fly. Approximately four years ago I decided to take the plunge and since PGD was only a 10 minute drive from Punta Gorda I learn to fly at Harborside Aviation. After learning to fly I wanted to experience as much of what flying has to offer so I purchased a Cirrus SR 22 and I have been flying out of PGD since purchasing the airplane and getting a hangar at PGD. I think PGD is a fantastic airport with a great FBO, excellent mechanics and very competent air traffic control.#WhyFlyPGD Punta Gorda [...]

Jim Gienko2020-04-15T10:13:28-04:00

Elwood Miles


We have a home in Asheville, NC and a "winter home" at a trailer park in Punta Gorda and frequently fly between the two in winter months - much faster and easier than driving! #WhyFlyPGD #TogetherWeFly

Elwood Miles2020-04-15T10:13:23-04:00

Bill Peyton


Controllers and staff are the friendliest and most helpful I’ve ever encountered. My wife and I enjoy calling this airport our winter home. We made the conscious decision to hangar here instead of Ft Myers, where we live. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of this airport and the continuous improvements planned… #WhyFlyPGD

Bill Peyton2020-04-15T10:13:10-04:00

Audrey Lanczki


Flying to Michigan to visit family and friends has become so convienent thanks to PGD and Allegiant. I used to fly Spirit from RSW to DTW and now I fly PGD to FNT. Even though Flint is further from the Detroit Metro area, I can shave off 30 minutes or more because both airports are easy on and off from I-75! #WhyFlyPGD #TogetherWeFly

Audrey Lanczki2020-04-15T10:13:00-04:00

Shelley Jackson


I LOVE PGD airport and ALWAYS fly Allegiant from the Midwest specifically Reading,Michigan to my 'second home' in Sebring! My residence in Michigan is approximately 1 hour from TOL and 1 hr 15 mins from FWA which is not only convenient but are both smaller airports as well! In addition, I LOVE the family-friendly "feel "at PGD and the ability to find where you're going without getting overwhelmed as you do in the larger airports! I have also traveled with my elderly 'in-laws' and everyone is extremely kind an accommodating to the senior citizen population! Furthermore, the fact that you can [...]

Shelley Jackson2020-04-15T10:17:02-04:00

Sharon Nagashima


Like a hummingbird, sometimes you need to fly quickly and with no fuss. Punta Gorda is a perfect location for my family needs. Growing up in southwest Florida, I have a deep love for the area. My elderly parents still live there and flying into PGD is a gift. I quickly get to my parents house with no fuss and great smiles from the staff. Thank you for expanding and opening the area up to greater possibilities. #WhyFlyPGD #TogetherWeFly

Sharon Nagashima2020-04-15T10:16:45-04:00
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