Please follow these rules to ensure the safety and health of all passengers and animals that use our facility.

  1. No animals are allowed inside the terminal except service animals or pets traveling by air.
  2. Non-service animals traveling by air must be kept in an animal carrier while inside the terminal.  If no carrier is available, the animal must be carried.
  3.  The owner is responsible for cleaning up after their animal. Pet relief areas are located across from the terminal, adjacent to short-term parking lot.
  4. All animals must be under the control of the owner.  If an animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others, the owner will be required to remove the animal from the premises.
picking up passengers? leave your pet at home!

NO. Please do not bring your pet with you when picking up family and friends at PGD.  If you attempt to bring a pet with you into baggage claim, one of our staff will ask you politely to remain outside.

Only trained service animals, law enforcement dogs and the Therapy K9’s of Southwest Florida are allowed to walk within their handler’s control inside the terminal. Other non-service animals including pet dogs and cats, emotional support, and comfort animals must remain in their carrier or held inside the terminal.

Click here for Allegiant’s required documentation for service animals and passengers with special needs.

Click here for Allegiant’s policies regarding pet carrier size, fees and traveling on the plane with pets.