Allegiant letter to customers on 5/3/20

Dear Customer,

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact our daily lives and the lives of our friends and family, our 4,500 Allegiant team members across America are — as always — one hundred percent focused on making sure your travels are as safe and seamless as possible. Whether you need to travel today, or are looking ahead to future vacations and long-overdue visits, we understand that your decision to travel is personal, and many factors are involved. And we know that a healthy environment is at the top of that list. It’s personal, and it’s critical — for you, and for our dedicated crew members who fly every day.

That’s why, beginning this week, we will be providing complimentary personal health and safety kits to all passengers as they board their Allegiant flights. These kits include a single-use face mask, a pair of non-latex disposable gloves and cleaning wipes. This program will be rolled out across our system this week, so watch for it on your upcoming Allegiant flight.

We are pleased to provide this service to help bring peace of mind as you travel. You’ll also see our crew members wearing masks on board. This is just one of the many ways our team is going the distance for health and safety. Because the further we go now, the safer it will be to go farther tomorrow.­­

Our commitment to you includes cleaning and disinfecting our aircraft to the highest possible standard, exceeding guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and from Airbus, our aircraft manufacturer. And we don’t just clean — we protect all surfaces, routinely treating our planes with an advanced antimicrobial protectant that kills viruses, germs and bacteria on contact for 14 days.

We’ve raised the bar by setting new standards for air purity and adopting a low-touch service approach, limiting unnecessary personal contact and shared items. The air quality on board our planes exceeds HEPA standards, thanks to state-of-the art VOC filtration, which removes additional organic compounds from the air to help keep you healthy. On average, cabin air is changed entirely every three minutes through a continuous flow of fresh and VOC-filtered air.

During check-in, during the boarding process and in our cabins, we are continuing to incorporate social distancing principles. Adding personal health and safety kits for each passenger will further ensure a healthy space to enjoy your flight. To learn more about these and many other ways Allegiant is prioritizing your health and safety, please visit our resource page here.

The coming weeks and months will undoubtedly bring many changes, as communities across the country begin the process of safely re-opening, and events and occasions we’ve all been looking forward to are rescheduled. As your plans develop, please know we’ll be with you on your journey, seeing you safely on your way.

Thanks once again for flying with us. We look forward to welcoming you aboard again soon.

Together we fly,

Scott Sheldon
Chief Operating Officer

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