PGD is Open & Operational

Punta Gorda Airport is Open & Operational

9 a.m. UPDATE, 8/30/23 :

  • PGD’s parking lots are open! Customers may park and/or pick up their vehicles. Parking fees will not be waived.

  • Roads through Punta Gorda Airport are OPEN. 

  • PGD and its runways ARE OPEN and will remain open as long as conditions are safe.  


  • Allegiant has canceled its flights to/from PGD for 8/30/23 (four arrivals, four departures), and plans to resume operations at PGD on 8/31/23.
  • PGD is not responsible for notifying passengers of Allegiant’s flight changes.
  • If you have an upcoming flight, check your email for updates from Allegiant.
  • Visit Allegiant Travel Alerts page.
  • Allegiant had no flights scheduled at PGD for Tuesday, 8/29/23.


  • PGD’s parking lots are open and functioning!
  • Parking fees will not be waived. 
  • PGD’s parking lots are for traveling passengers. Passengers with active Allegiant itineraries are advised to use long-term parking lots at PGD.
  • Local residents are not encouraged to park at PGD during storm events.
  • PGD does not have the resources to monitor all parked vehicles, nor will we report on the status of individual vehicles.



  • Our staff is planning to have all the gust locks secured at the T-hangars by EOD 8/28/23.
  • We will have emergency staff at the airport monitoring the storm status throughout the event.
  • Please check NOTAMs for any airport closures (excluding Emergency Aircraft).
  • Access to the hangars during and after the storm may not be available due to power outages.
  • The gates to the airside hangars will be manually secured with chain locks if winds are approaching 40-50 MPH.
  • DO NOT SHELTER in your hangar or any airport facilities. 
  • The Self-Service Fuel Station will remain operational until it becomes unsafe.
  • If you are having difficulty removing your gust locks after the storm has passed please contact 941-639-4119 for assistance.