Runway Construction Updates

Runway Construction Updates

Photo by Greg HIll

Starting November 2019, PGD will post various runway, ramp and taxiway closures. This Closure Schedule will give you a general idea of the timing for each affected area.  We will provide more detailed information, dates and times as each closure approaches.

Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation and Extension

This project consists of constructing a 593-foot extension on the south end of Runway 15-33 (increasing the length to 6,281 feet) and rehabilitating the existing runway pavement. In addition, Woodlawn Drive will be realigned to be outside the limits of the new Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) on the south end of Runway 33 once it is extended to the south.

Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation

This project will include the rehabilitation, not the extension, of Runway 4-22, which is currently 7,192 feet long.  The airport is in the process of acquiring approximately 45 acres of property within the RPZ and an additional 15 acres of property on the north end of Runway 4-22.

Progress Update – 11/10/19

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