Travel Tip: Arrive 2 Hours Early for Flights

Arrive Early! Terminal Upgrades in Progress.

We recommend you arrive at least two hours early for flights, especially if you need to park and check your luggage.


  • Watch your flight for possible last-minute changes or delays. Whether by app or website, checking your flight’s status will give you the upper hand when traveling this season.


  • We have ample passenger parking with buses, vans and golf carts to shuttle you.
  • Follow the onsite parking signage for directions on where to park.


  • If you’re wondering how busy the airport will be, just check the Departures page to gauge how many people will be at the airport at the same time you are. An average of eight flights depart within a two-hour window each morning.
  • Be cautious when flying with food items since large quantities of liquids aren’t allowed in your carry-on. Consult the “What Can I Bring?” section of the TSA website.