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Rental Car Information

Car Rental Counter

CompanyLocal NumbersReservations
Alamo Rent-A-Car
(941) 205-5015 (800) 462-5266
(941) 575-7567 (800) 331-1212
(941) 575-7567 (800) 527-0700
(941) 205-5015 (800) 736-8222
(941) 575-7983 (800) 654-3131


(941) 205-5015 (800) 227-7368

All rental car companies are open for all incoming flights. Please call the local numbers to reserve your vehicle. If you do use the toll free reservation numbers and have a problem, please call the local numbers. The Bailey Terminal is not always open on Tuesdays as there are no airline flights.

Rental car companies’ counters are conveniently located in the Bailey Terminal. The rental cars are located in the rental car lot just a short walk from the terminal. Rental cars are returned directly across the street from the pick-up area near the terminal.