Business Opportunities




There are a variety of opportunities for contractors, suppliers, and professional service providers who want to do business with The Charlotte County Airport Authority.

All business opportunities are listed here. Note the listing is approximate and is provided for informational purposes only. Final bid packages, including plans, specification, and addendums, are subject to change without notice.

Please be sure to review all information and documents about each opportunity in the related files. If you have questions about a project or business opportunity, please contact the individual(s) listed in the project documents for more information.

 Notice: Please be advised that individuals interested in receiving information about potential business opportunities with the Charlotte County Airport Authority (“CCAA”) regarding employment opportunities, bid packages, Requests for Proposals and all other opportunities related to public procurement, should refer to This Page as the CCAA’s official procurement site.

Request for Qualifications RFQ 2017-003 - Wetrland Mitigation Phase 1 of 2 - Consultant Selection Matrix

Request for Qualifications RFQ 2017-003 - Wetland Mitigation Phase 1 of 2 - Addenda No. 1

Request for Qualifications RFQ 2017-003  - Wetland Mitigation Phase 1 of 2 - Advertisement

Furnish and Install FAA Approved Secondary Weather Equipment - Bid Tab

Furnish and Install FAA Approved Secondary Weather Equipment - Advertisement

Air Carrier Ramp Expansion - Bid Tab

Air Carrier Ramp Expansion Project - Advertisement 

T-Hangar Door Replacment - Bid Tab

T-Hangar Door Replacment - Advertisement 2

T-Hangar Door Replacement - Advertisement 1 (Single Bid Received - Rejected)

Mulcher for New Holland Tractor - Bid Tab

Mulcher for New Holland Tractor - Advertisement 2

Mulcher for New Holland Tractor - Advertisement 1 ( Single Bid Received - Rejected)

Employee and WMU Parking Lot - Bid Tab

Employee and WMU Parking Lot - Advertisement

CCAA Rent A Car Facility Building Expansion - Bid Tab

CCAA Rent A Car Facility Building Expansion - Advertisement

Letters of Interest and Qualifications Public Relations Firm (Closed)

Letters of Interest and Qualification Rental Car Concession (Closed)

External Auditing Services RFP (closed)

2016-002 Consultant Services Slelection Matrix 2016

Request for Qualifications - Archetictural, Engineering and Planning Consultant Services 2016-002 advertisement (closed)

2016-002 Addendum #1

2016-002 Addendum #2 

2016-002 Addendum #3

Request for Bids - Land Lease fka Three Palms Speedway (Closed)

Parking Lot Expansion and Exit Lane Modifications (closed)

Taxiway A Extension (closed)

Baggage System in Airline Terminal Advertisment (closed)

Advertising Display in Airline Terminal Advertisiment (closed)

Food, Beverage, News and Gifts RFP advertisment (closed)

Lobbyist RFP (closed)

 ILS Notice to Bidders (Closed)

ILS Bid Tab

Viking Avenue Entrance Signage Landscaping RFB (closed)

Viking Avenue Landscape Plan (closed)

Asphalt Repairs RFB (closed)

EXTENDED Design Build Services RFQ (Closed)

Design Build Services RFQ (Closed)

Terminal Expansion Notice to Bidders (Closed)

Request for Bids - Former Speedway Facility (Closed)

Terminal Automated Teller Machine ATM (Closed)

RFP Wayfinding and Entrance Signage (Closed)

Cattle Grazing Lease Proposals.  Continuing

Terminal Phase II Site Improvements (Construction Phase)  (Closed)

Aircraft Resque Fire Fighting Index B (Closed)